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Journal of Radiology and Diagnostic Methods
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Journal of Radiology and Diagnostic Methods

Journal of Radiology and Diagnostic Methods (JRDM) is a scientific multi-disciplinary journal devoted to publishing clinical and technical aspects of Medical Imaging, Radiotherapy, Oncology, Imaging Techniques, Clinical Radiology, Radiobiology and Medical Physics.

JRDM accepts a wide range of articles including research, review, short communication, case report, rapid communication, letter to the editor, etc. from Radiologists, Radiotherapists, and other Medical Experts.

Urinary Beta2-Microglobulin is a Sensitive Indicator for Renal Tubular Injury
After filtration through the glomeruli of the kidney, β2-microglobulin is reabsorbed by the renal proximal tubules. Increase in urinary β2-microglobulin indicates tubular dysfunction, and measurement of β2-microglobulin in urine sediment is useful...
A Giant Ovarian Tumour (7.5kg) During Pregnancy with its Successful Perinatal and Surgical Outcome
Here we are reporting an unusual case of a large ovarian tumour during pregnancy. A 26 years female with 8 months of amenorrhea presented with chief complaint of pain in abdomen and an ultrasonography suggestive of single live intrauterine gestation ...
In-vitro anthelmintic efficacy of the 80% Hydro-alcoholextract of Myrsine africana(kechemo) Leaf on hookworm larvae
Helminthic infections are among the most common infections in human, affecting a large proportion of population all over the world. Among the most important helminthes found in Ethiopia are Ascaris, Hookworms, Schistosomes, Strongyloides, Trichuris a...
Diagnosis of Varicella Zoster Virus Meningitis/Meningoencephalitis by the Meningitis Encephalitis Panel That Detects DNA by PCR: A Case Series
Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) is an unusual cause of meningitis/meningoencephalitis in a healthy population. We report three cases in which the diagnosis of VZV meningitis/meningoencephalitis was made by the Meningitis Encephalitis Panel (MEP) for deo...
A Double Phase Culture System: An Economic and Time Saving Protocol for In Vitro Propagation of Plant
Low cost and time saving tissue culture techniques by improving process efficiency and better utilization of resources without compromising the quality of the plants are of high priority for commercial utilization. ...
Reversible Blindness Associated with Preeclampsia – A Report of Three Cases
A large number of pregnancies are affected by hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a systemic disease and affects almost all organs of the body. When visual cortex is affected the patient may develop blindness which is temporary and r...