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Journal of Ergonomics Studies and Research (JESR) is aimed at ergonomists and all those interested in applying ergonomics/human factors in the design, planning and management of technical and social systems at work or leisure.

Journal of Ergonomics Studies and Research (JESR) is of interest to ergonomists, health and safety specialists, design engineers, risk analysts, industrial and systems engineers, occupational health specialists, organizational psychologists, training specialists, managers, work inspectors, and human-computer interaction specialists.

Evaluation of Screening Tests in a city district of Campania region in Italy during the Second SARS-CoV-2 Wave
The main mechanism for spreading SARS-CoV-2 is by close contact and short-range transmission of infectious droplets. In this context, testing is a functional tool for identifying potentially infected individuals. It allows not only to isolate and ide...
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Healthcare Workers Towards Medical Waste Management: A Comparative Study of Two Geographical Areas
A comparative study was carried out among healthcare workers in Sweden and Hungary with a view of assessing their knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) towards healthcare waste management. Being a potential source of hazard and infections, healthcar...
Current Status of Lumpy Skin Disease and Its Economic Impacts in Ethiopia
One of the most agricultural practices in Ethiopia is raring animals which is known by providing unlimited uses for the country. Livestock production constitutes a vital part of the agricultural system and it accounts about 40% of the agricultural gr...
Penetration Syndrome : About a Case of an Intra-Bronchial Foreign Body in an Infant at Dschang District Hospital
Foreign body (FB) inhalation into airways of the respiratory system is a life-threatening and an emergency condition that may be fatal. Children of all ages may ingest a FB, however the highest incidence is between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, a...
Introduction of an Improved Laparoscopic Dual Channel and Uncut Reconstruction Surgical Technique: A Series of Four Case Reports and Review of Literature
In these recent years, the incidence of tumors in the gastric region have gradually heightened and are continuing to be of great challenge in the field of surgical oncology. Various methods of gastrointestinal reconstructions have improved the qualit...
Protection of Ang1-7 Througth MKK/P38MAPKs Inflammatory Signal Pathway on TNF-α Stimulated Mouse HL-1 Cells
Using TNF-α (100 μg/ml) to establish an inflammatory atrial fibrillation model in HL-1 cell , which derived from mouse atrial myocyte. treated HL-1 cells with different concentrations of Ang 1-7 (0.1, 1 and 10 mmol/L) and divided into 5 groups, nam...