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Journal of Otolaryngology Research (JOR) is an international peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on ear, nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx, cervical region and respiratory ducts. The journal publishing on all aspects of otolaryngology-head & neck surgery, including pediatric and geriatric otolaryngology, rhinology & anterior skull base surgery, otology/neurotology, facial plastic & reconstructive surgery, head & neck oncology, and maxillofacial rehabilitation, as well as related topics.

JOR is intended to be a key resource for clinicians, allied health specialists, and researchers in the fields of Otorhinolaryngology, oral and maxillofacial, plastic&neuro surgery, and oncology. The objective of the journal is to publish the original contributions that enhance the understanding of otolaryngologic disorders.


Determination of the Availability of Payment for Conservation and Improvement Activities of Wetlands Ecosystem of the Huaraz City, Peru
Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) was used with the purpose of determining the willingness to pay (WTP) of the citizens of Huaraz city – Peru (Ancash Region) in order to estimate a financial fund to subsidize the design and implementation of conser...
The Efficacy of Mastoid Cavity Obliteration by Conchal Cartilage in Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy
A chronic discharging ear has been considered a real problem and a challenge for the otologists for a long period. The main objective in the surgery of aural cholesteatoma is to completely eradicate the disease to obtain a safe and a dry ear. The oth...
Role of memory formation (with emphasis on Hippocampal memory formation) and retrieval in cognitive learning
We are virtually learning all the time from our sensory stimuli. Sometimes we do it consciously and sometimes unconsciously. Basically, we absorb certain information from outside, convert them to suit our physiology and process them to guide our beha...
Administration of Vasoconstrictor, But Not Volume Expander Prevents Maternal Hypotension During Spinal-Epidural Anesthesia For Elective Cesarean Section
To determine the best management option for preventing maternal hypotension after combined spinal-epidural anesthesia (CSEA) in elective cesarean section patients. A total of 240 full-term, single pregnancy women, undergoing elective cesarean section...
CT Gently: Personalizing CT and CBCT Imaging for the Children
Medical imaging procedures such as computed tomography (CT) and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) have been widely used in the diagnosis, detection and treatments of cancers worldwide. The achieved efficiency in the clinical workflow and improved ...
Evaluation of Heart Block in Inferior Wall Myocardial Infarction in context of Intervention: Temporary Pacemaker Implantation Versus Conservative Medical Management, a Single Centre Experience from Eastern India
Association between Inferior wall Myocardial infarction (IWMI) and various degree of heart block is well known. However, most of these blocks are transient. Objective of this study was to re-evaluate whether they need temporary pacemaker or can be tr...