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Isolation and Purification of Xanthine Oxidase from discarded Fish Liver Notopterous kapirat: an easy source of enzyme
Xanthine oxidase (XO) has clinical applications as it is an integral part in superoxide dismutase (SOD) diagnostic kit. This investigation deals with isolation, purification and determination of kinetic parameters from fish liver xanthine oxidase. Th...
A Study of Activity Concentrations in Water Samples from Kurigram, Bangladesh
The radioactivity levels in 45 water samples collected from tube-wells, shallow pumps, ponds and the river from different places of Kurigram district in the northern region of Bangladesh have been determined. The activity concentrations of natural ra...
Nurses are Vital to Improving Clinical Integrity and Documentation in Hospitals
Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Specialist are needed to improve data integrity and documentation in a hospital setting because physicians are too busy and do not have time to search through large volumes of data. ...
Court Obstetric – Pediatric Issues: Evidence-Based Practice
The article reviews the impact (or lack of it) of Evidence-Based Practice on obstetric - pediatric jurisprudence within the remit of the Bolam test. It briefly reviews the judicial outcome of the classical 1957 Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Comm...
Association of Begomovirus with Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) leaf curl virus disease in southern India
A severe leaf curl disease of Okra with high disease incidence and loss of production was observed during field survey of various locations of Southern India, and causal organism was identified as Begomovirus and its association was confirmed by poly...
Chlorinated Pyridazin-3-(2H)-ones as Novel Anti-Cancer Agents
Analogues of new lead structures, such as amido-2(5H)-furanones, bisarylated acrylic acids and 3(2H)-pyridazones, were prepared from mucochloric acid. Initially, these simple butenolides and analogues have been evaluated in tissue culture studies and...