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Journal of Blood Disorders and Therapeutics

In the worldwide due to Blood disorders, millions of people are facing the significant number of deaths. The treatments for some of the disorders do exist, but many of the blood disorders are incurable, chronically or receiving symptomatic treatment. Scientists are conducting the research to treat these disorders and to eradicate this type of diseases completely.

Journal of Blood Disorders and Therapeutics (JBDT) emphases to publish original research papers, reviews, perspectives, rapid communication, short communications, mini-reviews, and commentaries, in the relative fields including diagnosis, prevention, treatment of Hematological disorders.

Effect of Glycyrrhizin on Liver Function Improvement in Covid-19 Patients at Dr. M. Djamil General Hospital Padang
Many of COVID-19 patients have impaired liver function. Glycyrrhizin is a common ingredient in the Chinese herb licorice that has been used for liver disease treatment. The aim is to examine the effect of glycyrrhizin on the improvement of liver func...
A Case for Autoimmunity as the Cause of Fibromyalgia
Unfortunately, the currently available therapies of this puzzling disorder remains modest. To go any further, we must therefore focus on its pathophysiopathology. Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), a long-known but generally neglected disease, associates w...
Investigation of Conversion of N-Hexane to Gaseous and Liquid Products on the Surface of Modified Nano-Al2o3 Catalyst in Oxygen Medium Under the Influence of Gamma Rays
The temperature dependence of the product yield on the conversion of the hexane air mixture on the surface of the Al2O3 catalyst placed in the mini-flow reactor was studied. Transformation processes were studied comparatively on oxygen-modified and u...
Retrospective Comparative Study to Compare Clinical Efficacy and Safety between Regular Dose and High Dose Cefmetazole Treatments
Cefmetazole (CMZ) is a cephamycin antibiotic used in Japan. CMZ dosage regimen, particularly for critically ill patients, remains to be determined. Therefore, we retrospectively compared the clinical efficacy and safety of a high CMZ dose (2 g every ...
Architecture and Tailoring Of Novel Perfluorinated Molecules and Potential Fire Extinguishants: A Computational Approach
During the past twenty years, it has become widely accepted that the release of constructed halocarbons (halons) into the earth’s atmosphere depletes stratospheric ozone. In response to society’s concern over the potential effect of ozone depleti...
Italy and Disaster Risk Management: Complete Failure or is there Hope?
During the last three decades, natural and manmade disasters in Italy have been worryingly increasing and chronologically predictable [1, 2]. The rapid escalation of disaster frequency caused by climate change together with the carelessness, negligen...