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Correlation of Molar Relationship and ANB Skeletal Jaw Base Relationship: A Retrospective Hospital Based Study
The Molar Relationship Corresponding to Skeletal Classification Had Agreement of 30.2% For Class I, 27.0% Class II and 7.9%Class III. This Indicate That the Higher Percentage Had the Significant Relationship. The Distribution of Different Molars Rela...
How to improve our diagnostic acumen: Teach it to our residents
Are orthodontists responsible for examining the occlusion, teeth and gingiva? Yes, for sure, but we also have a responsibility to use our training and understanding not just to straighten teeth, correct malocclusions or improve skeletal discrepancies...
Carcinosarcoma of Lung: Case Report
Carcinosarcoma of the lung is a rare, highly aggressive tumour with a dual component, carcinomatous (epithelial differentiation) and sarcomatous (connective differentiation). Its prognosis depends on the possibilities of surgical excision and the siz...
Post-Mortem Splenomegaly on a Rottweiler Dog Breed
The spleen is a secondary lymphoid organ as are lymph nodes and mucosa-associated lymphoid tissues. It is formed by the red and white pulp; the first harbors numerous macrophages and dendritic cells that are part of the reticuloendothelial system, wh...
S-Benzylmercapturic Acid (S-BMA) Levels in Urine as an Indicator of Exposure to Toluene in the Kinshasa Population
Toluene, one of the various volatile organic compounds frequently observed in am-bient air, is an environmental toxicant associated with several adverse effects on the central nervous and reproduc-tive systems. In DR Congo, data on environmental tolu...
Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Patients with Closed Pancreatic Injuries
Diagnosis and choice of therapeutic rational tactics in patients with closed pancreatic injuries still remain and actual problem of urgent abdominal surgery. The results of treatment of 70 patients with pancreatic injuries being treated in a surgica...